A scorpion was trapped on a branch

as the river started to surge.  Within minutes, he'd be swept away by the current.  Suddenly he spotted a frog and called out, "Save me, please save me!"

              The frog looked at the scorpion and asked, "If I save you, will you promise me that you won't sting and kill me?"

             "I promise," said the scorpion. 

             So the frog swam over and rescued the scorpion, and just as he was about to place the creature on the other side of the river, he felt a sting on his leg.  He looked at the scorpion and asked, "How could you sting me when just minutes ago you promised me that you wouldn't?" 

             The scorpion replied, "I'm a scorpion - it's my nature to sting." 

             Never ask someone to go against their nature.  They will always sting you. 


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