The teacher was walking around the room

examining the clay pots that each of his students had made.  As he look at each one, he'd gently point out little flaws in the work and give them instruction upon how to correct it.  As he walked around, he'd say, "This one has a little crack here in the glaze," "This one wasn't finished smoothly," and so on.  he then came to the student who was held in high regard by all the other students, but the teacher always saw only his pride.  Nevertheless, the teacher approached the student's pot and it was perfect.  Everything about it was beautiful - it truly was a work of art. 

                                The teacher took out his little stick and, tapping the pot, said, "This pot is perfect."  The student couldn't contain his pride, at which point the teacher tapped the young man's head.  "But this pot has a big crack in it," he said.  The pot was perfect, but the student was flawed by his ego. 

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