Same Board - Different Mind

"An arrogant, young karate student went to his master and demanded his black belt test.  "I can beat everyone in the dojo.  How come I'm not testing for my belt?"  The wise old sensei told him to come back the next day and he would test.  The next day, the student returned to the dojo.  The sensei was waiting for him with a wooden board lying on the dojo floor.  "Walk the board without touching the floor," commanded the sensei.  The student did it with no problem and boasted, "Is that all I have to do for my belt?"  The sensei replied, "pick up the board and follow me."  The pair walked into the forest and up a mountain. When they got to the top, they reached a deep chasm.  The sensei laid the board across the span and carefully walked across the board over the deep divide.  "Now you do," the sensei told the student.  Looking down at the seemingly bottomless abyss, the young man could not force himself to step across.  "Are you crazy, old man?  I am not going to kill myself for this test!"  "What is the matter?" asked the sensei.  "It is the same board as before." "But now you have a different mind." 

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